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Discover different surfaces for different sports and guide your choice of the best flooring for your sports hall or gym
How can gym or sports flooring be customised? Discover the options that will give your facility the edge by providing a unique environment
A simple and comprehensive guide to choosing between rubber tiles and rolls according to your specific needs.
Learn how to clean gym flooring with these simple steps and apply the right methods to keep your gym looking and feeling great
Discover the processes that make gym flooring recyclable and learn how manufacturers are pushing for the advance of the circular economy
Three factors to help you decide if your modern multi-activity gym will benefit from a different flooring material in each activity zone
Learn which types of flooring are best for group exercise studios and determine the optimal material for your facility
Discover which flooring materials work best for outdoor gyms when planning to fit an existing terrace or patio with protective flooring
Discover the difference between an underlay and a subfloor to find out which is necessary for the gym project you are undertaking
Learn how gym flooring influences the perception of a facility and discover the benefits of installing a high-quality surface
Learn how to install acoustic panels in a gym to soundproof your facility with adhesive, fixed or flexible methods
Learn what goes underneath gym flooring to ensure the protection of the base floor whilst maximising the effectiveness of your facility
Discover 3 factors that influence noise generation in a gym and find out how to implement the best solution
Discover what types of flooring are used in a sports centre that offers multi-function spaces for a range of indoor and outdoor sports
5 ways to make sure that lockers are preserved well and to avoid the unnecessary costs of buying replacements or repairing the ones you have.
Specialist gym flooring is not a luxury but an essential element for those who want to ensure quality service. Let's find out why together.
Choosing the right colour should also be important in your locker selection process. Check out some aspects to consider...
When choosing the proper lighting for your gym locker room, it's crucial to consider several factors. The type of light bulbs, colour temperature...
Wellness centres require welcoming and modern changing rooms. Let's find out why to invest in locker rooms.
The choice of material for lockers is crucial, as it directly determines the rest of its properties, both appearance and layout...
Lockers are a fundamental part of the furniture in a gymnasium or sports centre changing room. Really, why do you need them?