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How Can Gym Flooring Increase the Perceived Value of A Gym?


Unfortunately, it is fairly common to find a gym that is unappealing to its members. Gym owners wonder, “why am I losing my members?”, or “Why has it been so long since I’ve seen new member sign-ups?”. And, as we know, your gym is virtually worthless without a solid membership base. Aesthetics matter. They have the ability to make your gym appear more sophisticated and appealing to current and potential members. For a commercial gym, PT studio, or yoga studio, simply choosing great equipment isn’t enough. How can gym flooring increase the perceived value of a gym?

Good gym flooring can make a gym more desirable to its users. When was the last time you went to a gym and saw dirty old mats, scuffed and potholed rubber tiles or damp, warped vinyl flooring? It doesn’t scream, “I’m state-of-the-art”, it rather whimpers, “I’m old and smelly, don’t waste your money…”. Nice, well-installed gym flooring provides comfort and safety, creating an ideal workout environment. Members want to attend a slick and effective gym. So when they see positive aspects, it increases the likelihood of member retention and new member sign-ups. 

Considering what is best for your members is, and should always be, the cornerstone of a successful gym. Although some gym owners won’t believe it’s necessary to have functional and aesthetically pleasing gym flooring, they are ignoring the very fact that selecting the right pair of shoes for an outfit has the same importance as the flooring for a gym. 

The perceived value of a gym: what’s it about?

Although most gym owners will say they are focused on the fitness and health of their members, the bottom line is that a business must make money. If the facility isn’t generating the funds required then new resources, maintenance and progress will stall and the business will fall into decline. 

The gym has to be attractive to its members and, in being so, will be able to count on a certain version of free marketing: word of mouth. The perceived value of your gym is how members value it and what it offers them. It is how they assess your gym and decide if it will meet their needs or not. It is how prospective members interpret your gym at a glance, and whether they think it is worth the membership rate you offer.

Competition is tough, often with several gyms vying for members in any given area. The perceived value for that initial impression has the potential to put you ahead of the competition. Look at it as a way of marketing your gym facility to the public. 

How does gym flooring increase perceived value?

Have you overlooked gym flooring or simply taken it for granted? Your gym will have some flooring, no big deal. This kind of oversight could see you miss out on the extensive benefits that gym flooring provides for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Gym flooring can and will increase the perceived value of your gym.

Your gym is a product, and it must have features and benefits deemed worthy to its members. It should be aesthetically appealing, effective in its delivery of service, and convenient to access. This combination of attributes will attract your ideal members, who are willing and ready to give their hard-earned money to have the product. 

Creative visuals

Gym design is unique in that it can reflect your personality and your mindset towards creating an inspiring exercise environment. When you design your gym, think about giving close attention to the aesthetic appeal of your workout area and how it influences perceived value for a member. 

Gym flooring is a major contributor to the aesthetic of a gym. Sure, you can paint or brand the gym walls, but flooring adds spice. Modern-day gym members want to work out in a visually appealing environment, and gym flooring has never had more capacity for creative design.  This includes brand logos, a multitude of colourways, patterns, game markings, and tailored speed tracks. Create a lasting impression for anyone who sees your gym.

Flooring can have a significant impact on the vibe of your gym. For example, if you want to create a gym that emphasises strength training and powerlifting, think of the colours you could use to create the mood: strong and bold. Alternatively, if you want a peaceful place to work out, then go for neutral colours.

Safety and comfort

Everybody wants to train in a safe environment. Safety in a gym covers several parameters. However, one significant parameter – gym flooring – has the unique capacity to enhance safety in manifold ways. Examples include:

  • An even surface, to prevent trips and falls.
  • Improved traction, preventing slips and falls
  • Shock absorption and impact reduction
  • Noise reduction capabilities 

Effective flooring promotes safety in the gym. It also increases the overall feeling of comfort. Creating and maintaining a feeling of safety and comfort will enhance your members’ perception of your gym as a high-value facility. 

Effective equipment

Well-considered gym flooring will complement gym equipment and improve workout routines for your members. With the right conditions in the gym, members will train happily, maintain their membership, and begin seeing results. When they see rewards for their efforts, your gym becomes the place to be. 

Aesthetics, comfort, and effectiveness make a fantastic gym experience. When you strive to provide this experience, the perceived value of your gym can only increase.

Sound and impact absorption

Gym flooring assists in absorbing the sound that comes with the use of heavy equipment, so members can happily carry on with their workout without being disturbed by loud percussive noises. Furthermore, the dropping of dumbbells and barbells is very common among weightlifters. The absence of proper flooring will not only promote loud and aggressive noises but also increase the risk of weight bounce and injuries. Gym flooring is installed to reduce acoustic shock while reducing the impacts that result from dumping heavyweight equipment. Damage caused by repeated impacts can be costly to repair, sometimes affecting the structure of the building itself.  

Boost performance

By today’s measure, functional fitness and HIIT are some of the more popular choices for gym members looking to increase their fitness and overall performance. A well-equipped functional fitness zone with appropriate flooring will give them a great platform for an intense session. High-quality flooring will enhance traction while providing incredible impact absorption. It will give peace of mind to those wanting to test their limits, performing any kind of exercise they wish without fear of injury.

Maintain hygiene

People exercise and people sweat. That’s the nature of the business! But without an easy-to-clean surface, there will be an unwanted accumulation of undesirable gunk. It is unappealing and will decrease the perceived value of your facility – a big no-no. Choosing the appropriate type of flooring for your space will make it easier for you or your cleaner to maintain hygiene standards, ensuring a more welcoming place for all. 

Equipment protection

One of the most important reasons for considering flooring options carefully is the protection of your equipment. The heavier your equipment is, the stronger the flooring needs to be. Consider the impact of repeatedly dropping a 100 kg barbell. Sufficient gym flooring can bear the weight of the equipment while reducing damage to expensive gear. 

Keeping things intact and well-maintained goes a long way to improving and increasing the perceived value of a gym. It shows members that you value the equipment, and that you want to provide the best possible environment in which they can achieve their fitness goals. 


When it comes to attracting members, the aesthetic appeal of the gym plays a pivotal role. It will ultimately help convert your prospects and trial members into paying members. Flooring can represent the ethos and culture of a gym, and it can also influence the mindset of the individual training in a gym. Ultimately, your members will want to work out in your space because it makes them feel a certain way, which drives their motivation to achieve their goals

People can only perceive the value that a gym currently demonstrates. It falls on the gym owner to improve the standards relevant to members and prospects in terms of what they deem worthy of their investment. We have determined that gym flooring is certainly a reliable way to increase the perceived value of your gym facility. In a nutshell, whether it is dropping weight, jumping, running, or even swinging a kettlebell, gym flooring is a necessity. It’s important for the protection of the member, the equipment, and the premises.

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