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What is the most popular colour for lockers?


In addition to being installed in offices and schools, lockers are also part of the essential furniture for properly functioning sports centres and gyms. Choosing the right colour for lockers should also be important in your locker selection process.

According to internet search statistics for the English language, the most popular colours for lockers are:

  1. Pink
  2. Black
  3. White
  4. Blue
  5. Green
  6. Gold, Purple, Yellow
  7. Orange
  8. Grey
  9. Silver
  10. Brown

This article will look at some aspects to consider when selecting the best option for your gym.

The importance of choosing the right colour for a locker

Sometimes when you walk into a room, you can feel a good vibe. One of the factors that contribute to creating this atmosphere is the colour. Look around you, and choose the right colour for your lockers.

Some benefits of choosing the right colours in a locker are that it makes the room bright, gives positive energy and affects people’s creativity, mood and thoughts.

As we can see, colours influence a person’s mood, either positively or negatively. Therefore, when choosing a colour for the lockers, you can impact the overall mood.

Give meaning by different colours

The sports centre must be well decorated, and the idea is to orient it to motivate the customer. The sensations that colours can arouse in us depend significantly on the lighting, their combination with other colours and their intensity.

One of the best colours for a sports centre is arguably white. It evokes clarity, silence and cleanliness. Also, since most gyms usually have black sports equipment, choosing white lockers is an excellent way to balance out the darkness of the environment.

For the decoration of the interior of sports facilities, the most popular is to use bright colours that provide vitality, and strength, but in small doses to avoid oversaturating.

Still, thinking about which colour will be best for your locker? Here are some colour options with their meaning and how they can influence the atmosphere.

Standard coloured lockers

Sometimes vividly coloured lockers are unsuitable for the environment. For such cases, standard or neutral colours are essential. Also, when you don’t like experimenting with colours, you can opt for standard ones. Standard colours will do if you want to give the place a clean and understated look.

Standard colours could be silver grey, which brings a deep sense of elegance and a more formal look. Then we have the black lockers, black often refers to surface energy, but if used intelligently, it can improve the environment’s mood.

The right amount is enough to enhance the beauty of your locker. A white locker would be perfect for health centres and spas. Finally, the lockers in white colour, white signifies purity and comfort, and it is used in places that require calm.

Colour plays an essential role in enriching the energies of a room. You can also afford to choose more than one colour to make the environment colourful. The next time you choose a locker, be sure to choose the most vibrant and vivid colour for the locker. Also, choose colours that fit perfectly into the environment.

Blue lockers

This colour brings emotional stability and would be a good option for offices, libraries, and health centres. Blue is a motivating colour and should be ideal for schools and offices that demand motivation.

Green lockers

Green is very soothing to the eyes. It has calming properties, brings freshness and maintains a level of energy in the environment. It would be perfect for health centres or sports clubs.

Purple lockers

Purple gives the place a rich and sophisticated look. It is a good idea for spas, leisure activities and libraries to choose a locker in lilac colour, providing an expensive look to the environment.

Yellow lockers

As it is a bright colour, lemon lockers could be suitable for schools, sports activity clubs and offices, which are based on the creativity factor. This colour brings clarity to thoughts, increases concentration and creates optimism in the atmosphere.

Orange lockers

They are cool and inspire confidence. Orange lockers look bright and create an environment full of energy. Since it is a bright colour, it makes a room appear larger. You can use orange lockers in sports clubs and places that require liveliness.


The colour of the locker cabinet is important to enrich the energies of the establishment. You can choose more than one colour. Sometimes choosing a vibrant colour is a good idea to create a positive vibe. Remember to choose colours that fit perfectly into the environment.

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