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Why Install a Speed Track in a Gym?


Training isn’t just fun; it’s also healthy. People train for different reasons, e.g. to lose weight or to improve cardiovascular fitness. For some, it’s to forget their worries or to release stress.

Exercising outdoors or at home can be effective and help you save money. On the other hand, it can also involve risks, putting you in danger of injury.

For this reason, many people choose the safe environment of a gym and the additional benefits it may offer.

If you train in a gym, you can broaden your knowledge, make new friends, and seek advice and guidance from a trainer.

A speed track can serve multiple purposes for gym users. This synthetic grass track, or stepped mat, can be used for cross-training, strength training, and general fitness

What is a speed track? 

A speed track is a mat or strip of synthetic turf used in gyms for cross-training, strength training, and general fitness. It can be used as a focal point of a gym or as an addition to a weight room. 

The dimensions of a speed track vary by supplier and customer specifications. They often measure 12 metres to 15 metres in length. A popular width is 2 metres. Thickness can vary between 12 mm and 15 mm. Sprint tracks are somewhat customisable: they can have metre markings and even a start/finish line. This synthetic turf is supplied in rolls and comes in various colours to suit your aesthetic. 

The artificial grass surface of a speed track consists of polyethene fibres or single-strand synthetic fibre. While the surface allows the user to develop strength and endurance, it promotes balance, agility, coordination, flexibility, and speed development!

What type of exercise can we perform on a speed track?

A speed track can accommodate a wealth of exercises and benefit a wealth of sporting disciplines. 

Firstly, it’s great to use as a warm-up apparatus before performing other exercises. Secondly, as its name suggests, it’s perfect for speed training and performance enhancement in track athletes.

Additionally, the speed track can facilitate strength exercises with a weighted sledge, loaded carries with kettlebells and dumbbells, and lunge exercises. Train with a weighted device like a sandbag, and improve your running with sprint exercises. It can be used for jump training due to its softer, more forgiving surface and is ideal when used as a pulling and gliding surface.

What are the benefits of a speed track in a gym? 

A speed track is a smart investment as it adds value to the variety of your offerings. As they are transportable, they can be installed anywhere in the gym, and above all, they are a practical piece of equipment providing a long list of benefits to the user.

  • Added value for the gym

A speed track will bring added value by facilitating different exercises for athletes. It has become a flagship piece of equipment that can add a striking aesthetic to a gym.

  • Practical equipment for athletes

Speed tracks are easy to set up and can be placed anywhere in the gym: in the weight room, the cardio area, or the cross-training zone. They should, however, lie on solid surfaces: concrete, tiles, wood, asphalt, screed, laminate, carpet or synthetic flooring.

Speed tracks are reliable and durable. They can withstand the friction caused by heavy use.

The speed track is fast becoming a piece of equipment people expect to see in a gym. It is multifunctional and non-slip, which promotes stability and safe use with minimal risk of injury.

As a final practical benefit to the gym owner and their members, a speed track will also help to reduce noise by absorbing shocks and vibrations.

Can a speed track be used at home?

A speed track necessitates use in a supervised, professional gym environment. Poor technique and misuse of apparatus can lead to injury, so it’s sensible to seek professional guidance. It’s safer to use the track within the confines of a gym. Besides, the social aspect of a gym means you may meet like-minded people in addition to having a wide range of health-promoting equipment. 

While many prefer to work out at home, going to a gym can lead to meeting new people who share your passion. It goes without saying that you exercise because you value your health. Going to a gym, you’ll be sure to meet new friends who want to achieve the same goals as you: lose weight, build muscle or get rid of daily stress.


A speed track will add more than a degree of variety to your gym: it is a multi-benefit, multi-function piece of equipment that will vastly broaden the range of exercise modalities in any facility. Users will no longer need to go outside to do their speed training, with everything they need in the gym. 

Go to a gym to train and have fun. Exercise is great for your health and your physical condition, while also a fun endeavour. 

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